Vol 34 No 5

Medically and Psychiatrically Complicated Patients

May 26, 2017

Helping patients who have significant medical illness as well as mental illness is a challenge, especially when the diagnosis is unclear. Hospital psychiatrists play a critical role in the management of these behaviorally compromised patients.

Tardive Dyskinesia: Finally Some Good News

May 23, 2017

We’ve been waiting since 1953, the year chlorpromazine was introduced to the US as a revolutionary treatment for schizophrenia, for an active treatment for tardive dyskinesia that the FDA judged to be effective.

Inflammation, Immune Function, and Schizophrenia: An Overview

May 19, 2017

Current research investigates new pathophysiologic mechanisms and lays the groundwork for redefining schizophrenia based on distinct medical subclasses-which may lead to more targeted and effective treatments. Details here.