Amphetamine Related Disorders

Treatment for Cocaine Dependence

December 03, 2014

Dr Edward Nunes discusses the latest evidence from research studies on stimulant and cocaine dependence in this podcast.

Letter to a Young Psychiatrist

June 29, 2012

Psychiatry is a profession that deeply needs honest workers who are willing to seek a knowing ignorance, to be dissatisfied, and to refuse to conform-doing so in the interest of the truth and of the profession, seeing both as inseparable.

ADHD and Sleep Disorders in Children

June 13, 2012

Sleep changes associated with psychotropic drugs are common enough to justify routinely obtaining a baseline sleep diary before beginning treatment, even when the initial screening for sleep disorders indicates that no further investigation is needed.

Drug Shortages Exist Across the Board

May 10, 2012

Ongoing shortages of several psychotropic medications have wreaked havoc among patients and their families, caused frustration and reluctant prescription switches among physicians, and prompted investigations by Congress.

Impulsivity: Too Much Dopamine?

August 03, 2010

A brief report recently published in Science confirms the key role of dopamine (DA) in impulsive behavior. The researchers found that impulse control directly correlated with the amount of DA released in the striatum.