Author | Karen Dineen Wagner, MD, PhD


Depression Awareness and Screening in Children and Adolescents

May 13, 2020

Depression in children and adolescents is associated with several impairments but the most significant concern is the increased risk of suicide in youths with depression.

More Reasons for Concern About Adolescent Cannabis Use

September 16, 2019

Cannabis is a widely used drug of abuse in adolescents. With legalization of marijuana, adolescent cannabis use may increase substantially.

Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents: New Findings

February 25, 2019

Recent studies and meta-analyses discussed here address mental health hospitalization, optimal treatment, and long-term outcome for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders.

Treatment of Bipolar Depression in Children and Adolescents

August 28, 2018

Two FDA-approved medications are making a dent in treating bipolar disorder in youths, a serious illness that adversely affects young patients, as well as their family and peers.

More Reasons to End Bullying

January 25, 2018

Recent studies have demonstrated the wide-reaching adverse effects of being bullied in childhood. These effects range from impaired academic performance to interest in cosmetic surgery.

Exercise and Depression in Youth

February 24, 2017

These studies shed light on the relationship between exercise and depression in children and adolescents.

Effects of Childhood Trauma on Depression and Suicidality in Adulthood

November 29, 2016

Recent studies demonstrate the far-reaching effects of childhood trauma related to depression and suicidality in adulthood. The evidence to support these associations is presented here.

Update on Treatment of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

April 25, 2016

Here are four recent studies that provide clinically relevant information on medication management of bipolar disorder in youths.

Bullying and Depression in Youths

February 08, 2016

Many teens believe the only way to escape bullying is "not to be here." The author examines recent studies that demonstrate the problem isn't going away.

New Findings About Youth Suicide

June 26, 2015

Several recent publications are informative to clinicians on the topic of suicide in children and adolescents. Some of the most salient findings are reviewed here.