Annual Meeting Session Highlights the Importance of Building Trainee Communities


How can trainees build and foster communities?


The Spotlight series highlights presenters at the 2023 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

Session Title

Training Together: Building and Bolstering Trainee Communities in a Post-Pandemic World


Simone A. Bernstein, MD

Simone A. Bernstein, MD

Simone A. Bernstein, MD

Key Points You Want Readers to Know

In 2020, COVID-19 dramatically changed the landscape for in-person educational activities, networking, and connection. Many opportunities await to start an initiative or join an existing organization that operates in a virtual setting. Medical students can reach out and see what opportunities already exist and look at possible ways to be involved.

About the Presenter

Dr Bernstein is a fourth-year psychiatry resident at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the co-founder of Inside the Match, a free platform that provides application and interview guidance to residency applicants as well as tips for successful in residency. The platform has a website with more than 275 blogs to help individuals prepare for the match and more than 115 podcast episodes on Spotify, Apple, and Google. She is interested in medical education, wellness and burnout, and social media.

Presenter’s Professional Interests

Medical education, academic psychiatry, the residency match/psychiatry recruitment, wellness and burnout, adult psychiatry

Fun Fact

Dr Bernstein is a serial “Today Show” watcher, and her husband proposed on the “Today Show.”

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Madiha Khan

Madiha Khan

Ms Khan, the interviewer in this series, is a fourth year medical student based in Chicago. She has always had a keen interest in behavioral health and mind-body wellness. Over the years, she has served as a radio show host and producer to promote mental health and well-being.

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