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DSM-5: If You Don't Like the Effects, Look at the Causes

“‘Post-modern’” outlook on psychiatric diagnosis often leads to cynicism and nihilism-as if to say, ‘Nobody really knows anything about anything, and we shouldn’t trust anybody!’ Actually, there is a good deal of secure and well-founded scientific knowledge in psychiatry. ”

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Migraine and Psychiatric Comorbidity

“Sleep-related bruxism is high among those with fibromyalgia, anxiety, and migraines-but it is often overlooked as a dental problem. A long-acting benzodiazepine at night can make a big difference in patients with migraines who clinch or grind their teeth.”

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Can a Suicide Scale Predict the Unpredictable?

“The multifaceted nature of suicide requires both formal tools indicated in this article, as well as an awareness of changes in the patient (eg, outlook, behavior, attitude)-these and other factors may indicate suicide risk.”

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