New Co-Trustee Named for the Sigourney Award


The Trust renews its commitment to the field of psychoanalysis with this new appointment.

Robin A. Deutsch, PhD

Robin A. Deutsch, PhD

The Sigourney Trust announced this month that Robin A. Deutsch, PhD, will succeed William A. Myerson, PhD, MBA, as analyst co-trustee. Myerson served a 10-year term in the position.

The Sigourney Trust is an independent nonprofit organization that “recognizes and rewards outstanding work” employing psychoanalytic thinking and practice. The Trust was founded by Mary Sigourney in 1989; thus far, there have been 136 award recipients from 22 countries.

“As a practicing clinical psychoanalyst, I am passionate about what psychoanalytic thinking brings to the clinical encounter. Mary Sigourney established The Sigourney Trust and Award because she was passionate about psychoanalytic thinking writ large: in clinical theory and practice, in the arts, humanities and sciences, and humanitarian endeavors,” Deutsch said in a press statement.1 “I am honored to join the Sigourney Trust as the newest Analyst Co-trustee entrusted to further Mary’s vision.”

Attorney co-trustee Barbara Sherland, JD, reflected on the change: “As the field of psychoanalysis evolves, The Sigourney Trust has refined and repositioned itself to achieve Mary Sigourney’s vision. Bill’s astute contributions were instrumental in navigating these changes and in seeking more inclusiveness and diversity.”1 She added, "The Sigourney Award has significantly increased its international presence and impact through Bill’s partnership and guidance. Robin and I are dedicated to carrying on Bill’s excellent work.”

Deutsch previously served as president of the North American Psychoanalytic Confederation. In addition, she is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, a Personal Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, and on faculty at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis.

“Ten years ago, very few awards were conferred, and very little work was being done for projects that we call ‘applied psychoanalytic endeavors, or for ventures that weren’t theoretic or solely academic,’ but that actually impact people’s lives,” Myerson said.1 “I am confident that Robin’s fresh perspectives and exceptional experience in the field will provide guidance needed to further expand the reach and impact of The Sigourney Award. Her outstanding international experience will be especially valuable.”


1. The Sigourney Trust Press Release. Robin A. Deutsch PhD Named New Analyst Co-Trustee For The Sigourney Trust. February 9, 2022.

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