PsychPearls: Supporting the Health of the Nation During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Is there special guidance for APA members regarding COVID-19 and their practices/patients? What resources are available?

Dr Morganstein, Chair of the American Psychiatric Association Committee on the Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster, talks about where psychiatrists can get COVID-19 information for their practices and patients and what resources are available.


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has a resource page with a broad range of helpful materials for families, providers, community leaders. There is information about helping homebound children, supporting people through isolation quarantine, provider self-care, and a number of other topics.

The APA also has information on their home page to learn about telepsychiatry services. There are also upcoming educational and other activities to assist APA members in caring for their patients and supporting the health of nation.


APA Coronavirus Resources

Resources for families

Resources for Health Care and Community Leaders

Psychiatric Times’ Resources for Psychiatrists

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