Seeing Things

Psychiatric TimesPsychiatric Times Vol 25 No 2
Volume 25
Issue 2

Poetry of the Times

When I ask him the difference between a dwarf
and a midget, he says, A dwarf is small and
a midget is scared walking at night
down North Street when WBRK broadcasts
out of my head, Jesus Christ! and Bush
and the 9/11 Commission, they're behind it,
Jesus Christ! and the cops came and Jesus
jumps out of the cruiser wearing a badge
on his white robes, I swear! and Jesus
sails into the air and lands on my shoulders
Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!
right on my shoulders, and he sat there
and told me I was saved, see what I mean?

"I see," I tell him. "Yes, I see."
But I doubt he saw how it seemed to me.

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