Treating Schizophrenia, One Symptom at a Time: Is it Feasible?(Video: 1:40 minutes)


In schizophrenia therapy, the question arises whether a patient with hyper-religiosity as a main symptom can be treated with an antipsychotic (like clozapine) that targets that symptom.

What antipsychotic-if any-is most effective in a patient with schizophrenia whose chief symptom is hyper-religiosity? Does clozapine play a special role in this kind of setting?

Might an isolated symptom such as hyper-religiosity be a manifestation of a delusional disorder instead? Is it possible to target therapy with a particular antipsychotic?

Here, noted schizophrenia expert Peter Buckley, MD, addresses these questions. Dr Buckley is Dean of the Medical College of Georgia.

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