Author | Peter F. Buckley, MD


Schizophrenia Q&A: Depot Medications in Schizophrenia Therapy

September 19, 2019


In this video segment, Dr. Peter Buckley addresses 2 questions: • What factors do you consider when you offer depot medications to a patient with schizophrenia? • What can be done to encourage the use of depot medications?

Introduction: Convergence of Thought?

February 28, 2019


Peter F. Buckley, MD introduces part 1 of our Special Report on schizophrenia.

Biomarkers, Personalized Medicine, and Schizophrenia

May 16, 2016


The personalized medicine approach is predicated upon a greater understanding of the biology of illness and how it plays out-uniquely and specifically-for each individual patient.

A Tour de Force of the History of Psychiatry

June 29, 2015


The author of this book tells the story of the evolution of psychiatry from a place of skepticism and distain to its more recent emergence as a modern neuroscience.

Controlling Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia (Video: 2:54 minutes)

September 06, 2012


Has any progress been made in our ability to manage negative symptoms of schizophrenia?

Treating Schizophrenia, One Symptom at a Time: Is it Feasible?(Video: 1:40 minutes)

August 28, 2012


In schizophrenia therapy, the question arises whether a patient with hyper-religiosity as a main symptom can be treated with an antipsychotic (like clozapine) that targets that symptom.

Effects of New Antipsychotics and Adjunctive Therapy for Schizophrenia (Video: 4:05 minutes)

August 21, 2012


What effect has the new antipsychotic Latuda had in patients with psychosis? Is a mood stabilizer as an adjunctive therapy necessary for schizophrenia or is the use of an antipsychotic alone sufficient?

Weight Gain in Schizophrenia: Tips for Prevention and Management (Video: 2:37 minutes)

July 06, 2012


Weight gain is a known side effect of some medications for schizophrenia. Here: strategies to prevent and manage weight gain.

Schizophrenia Pharmacotherapy: What Role for Perphenazine? (Video 1:39 minutes)

June 28, 2012


In schizophrenia therapy, perphenazine can play in combating symptoms and in preventing relapse, though it can be associated with metabolic side effects.

Nutritional and OTC Supplements in Schizophrenia: What Role? (Video 2:53 minutes)

June 22, 2012


Here: nutritional supplements and over-the counter medications in schizophrenia management.