Weight Gain in Schizophrenia: Tips for Prevention and Management (Video: 2:37 minutes)


Weight gain is a known side effect of some medications for schizophrenia. Here: strategies to prevent and manage weight gain.

What strategies help prevent and manage medication-associated weight gain in patients with schizophrenia? Peter Buckley, MD, discusses these issues here:

Before starting medication:

. Get a good baseline weight measurement
. Get a range of metabolic tests (cholesterol, lipids, glucose)
. Re-measure periodically to measure weight trajectory

. Monitor the pattern of weight gain after starting a new medication. Early moderate weight gain is a strong predictor of future weight gain.

. Diet and exercise, especially early-on before weight gain occurs, is important, and far easier than losing weight once pounds have been added.

. In general, instead of reaching for antiobesity drugs, consider substituting an alternate medication to manage underlying schizophrenia symptoms.

(More: Nutritional and OTC Supplements in Schizophrenia: What Role? Video 2:53 minutes)

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