Andrei Novac, MD




Global and Social Considerations

April 01, 2003

In this introduction to our Trauma Special Report, Dr. Novac places the articles in historical perspective and reminds the reader of the importance of understanding trauma within today's global constructs and impending war.

Special Considerations in the Treatment of Traumatized Patients

February 01, 2002

Treating traumatized patients requires special care so that both therapist and patient can benefit from the relationship. How can therapists facilitate this care, and what can they do to keep themselves healthy while treating such patients?

Traumatic Stress and Human Behavior

April 01, 2001

In this overview of research into the biopsychosocial changes caused by traumatic events, Dr. Novac discusses psychopathology, brain development and the effect a traumatic event can have on the victim's family-even long after the event occurred.