Author | Andrew O. Brown, MD


5 Domains of Functional Assessment for Disability Evaluation

January 06, 2020


Problems with any one of these domains can disrupt an individual’s capacity to sustain work capacity.

Disability and the Concept of Return to Work

January 01, 2020


This article discusses the return to work plan as a solution to the clinical and systemic problems arising from psychiatric disability.

Treater, Disability Assessor, or Forensic Expert: A Trap in Disability Claims

October 30, 2019


The treater who assumes a dual role as either disability examiner or forensic expert faces ethical risks because of the inherent binds in the roles.

The Disabled Employee’s Manager: A Common Complicating Factor of Workplace Disability

August 30, 2019


One of the most perplexing challenges for psychiatrists who interact with the workplace is the competing forces for and against mental health.

Functional Assessment for Disability Applications: Tools for the Psychiatrist

June 14, 2019


These 10 domains will help you determine if functional impairment exists, if it can be reversed, and if the patient can return to work.

Disability: Overview of Concepts Psychiatrists Need to Know

May 30, 2019


This article discusses the risks of supporting versus withholding support for a patient’s disability claim and six key definitions psychiatrists need to understand when they are asked to support such a claim.

A Complicated Case of Psychiatric Disability

April 11, 2019


What to do when a patient says they need disabled status, but you believe otherwise?