Aviel Goodman, MD



The Neurobiological Development of Addiction

August 28, 2009

Self-administration of drugs of abuse often causes changes in the brain that potentiate the development or intensification of addiction. However, an addictive disorder does not develop in every person who uses alcohol or abuses an illicit drug. Whether exposure to a substance of abuse leads to addiction depends on the antecedent properties of the brain.

Sexual Addiction Update Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment

May 27, 2009

Addiction has been defined as a condition in which a behavior that can function both to produce pleasure and to reduce painful affects is used in a pattern that is characterized by 2 key features:

Sexual Addiction: Diagnosis and Treatment

October 01, 1998

The diagnostic criteria for sexual addiction are derived from the behaviorally nonspecific criteria for addictive disorder that were presented in Part 1 (Goodman, 1998b), by replacing "behavior" with "sexual behavior".