Author | Boris Vatel, MD


Social Media Use: A Closer Look at the Real Meaning of Friends

September 03, 2014


People feel free to post comments on social media sites that they would never dare say to someone’s face. The cure, if only a partial one, is to get out of social media and to start living a real life. What is your opinion on this issue?

On the Pretense of Dressing Down

August 28, 2013


There is a subtle reluctance to admit that, at least in the field of medicine, the doctor knows more than the patient and is the expert in the area in which the patient is having trouble.

A Long and Controversial Career: Thomas Szasz, MD

September 17, 2012


It would not be overstating matters to say that during his long career, Dr Thomas Szasz has been one of the most controversial figures in the psychiatric profession.