Author | Burns Woodward, MD


Climate Disruption and the Psychiatric Patient

March 26, 2019


While some psychiatrists may doubt the connection between climate disruption and psychiatric disorders, the evidence is growing stronger every day.

Memory’s Last Breath: Field Notes on My Dementia

October 29, 2018


Gerda Saunders, an emerita professor who was diagnosed with vascular dementia at age 60, explores the meaning of progressive cognitive impairment in relationships and life.

Creativity and Psychiatric Illness: Finding the Sweet Spot

June 15, 2018


Many people with psychiatric disorders engage in creative activities, from informal hobbies to highly accomplished careers, but some avoid treatment entirely. Two cases illustrate a nuanced approach that integrates medical knowledge with patients’ perspectives.

Creativity and Bipolar Disorder: A Fresh Look

June 01, 2017


People with mood disorders (and those who care about them) are likely to experience a healing reconsideration of their own experiences as they read this book.

Marijuana and the Psychiatric Patient

April 10, 2017


Marijuana-related problems fall well within the scope of psychiatric practice: many patients use marijuana, which is likely to affect their psychiatric symptoms and response to treatment.

Opioids to Treat Depression: The Jury Is Out

December 01, 2016


Two recent clinical trials of opioid medication for depression and suicidality highlight the role of brain opioid systems in depression.

Ordinarily Well: The Case for Antidepressants

September 08, 2016


A searching interrogation of scientific findings reflected against experience with patients.