Deborah A. Lott




Are Studies Misguiding the Choice of First-Line Treatments?

March 01, 2002

A recently published meta-analysis questions if efficacy data garnered from clinical trials is relevant to everyday clinical practice. The authors ponder if enough patients are being included, if they are being followed long enough afterward, and whether exclusion criteria are too broad?

New Developments in Treating Anxiety Disorders

September 01, 2001

A recent large, randomized, controlled trial showed fluvoxamine to be effective in treating anxiety disorders in children. The eight-week trial raises many questions about anxiety, the most common psychiatric disorder in children. A panel of experts looks at past and future research.

PTSD Treatment Improves Youths'Academics

May 01, 2001

A groundbreaking program at UCLA goes into inner-city schools to help students work through trauma. By learning how to deal with the trauma itself and reminders of the trauma, students are able to improve their academic and social performance.

Brain Development, Attachment and Impact on Psychic Vulnerability

May 01, 1998

Infant-caregiver interactions, seminal events in brain development and their possible relationship to later psychic vulnerability were explored in a recent continuing education seminar, "Understanding and Treating Trauma: Developmental and Neurobiological Approaches," at the University of California, Los Angeles.