Author | Doris Greenberg, MD


Asperger Disorder: Gone But Not Forgotten

September 15, 2017


Although Asperger disorder is now included as part of the overall autism spectrum disorder, some say Pandora’s box has been opened.

Children of Deployed Military Parents

September 20, 2013


What do children go through when a parent deploys? Here to address this issue is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician (podcast).

A Fun, Powerful Technique for Teaching Children How to Stop Being Bullied

January 03, 2013


The bullying prevention program is very popular but not very effective because bullying is an inevitable part of life.

When Children Won't Talk

October 19, 2012


Not surprisingly, children often “clam up” when they’re brought to the doctor. Their reluctance may be no cause for concern-or it could indicate an underlying issue.

Video: The Sense of Humor and Mental Health

November 30, 2011


The subtleties of the sense of humor may reveal alterations in mental status, yet it is often overlooked when assessing patients. It is a valuable area of inquiry and may shed light on problems of social relatedness as well as highlight resilience and coping mechanisms. Dr Greenberg discusses the use of the sense of humor in assessing well-being and how to use the sense of humor therapeutically.