J. Alexander Bodkin, MD


Adjunctive Treatment Options for Patients With Residual Symptoms of Depression

April 20, 2016

Patients with residual symptoms of depression may continue to experience significant occupational and social impairment. The focus of this article is on the residual burden that so often remains after remission is achieved.

Screening for Depression in Clinical Practice: An Evidence-Based Guide

August 05, 2010

Screening for Depression in Clinical Practice, which reviews the current body of knowledge on mental health screening in the medical setting, is a reference text written primarily for the consultation-liaison specialist, but it will be of use to the general psychiatrist and the interested primary care physician or medical specialist.

Not Obsolete: Continuing Roles for TCAs and MAOIs

September 15, 2007

In lecturing to medical students, residents, and psychiatrists during the past several years, we have encountered widespread hesitancy in the use of MAOIs and even TCAs, mainly because of concerns about their safety but also because of doubts about their effectiveness compared with newer alternatives. Thus, it is timely to review the literature on the efficacy and safety of TCAs and MAOIs, with a view to maintaining an appropriate place for these 2 drug classes in the pharmacotherapy of depression.

Parenteral Antidepressants: Is America Ready?

May 01, 2001

In spite of the enormous success of antidepressants, there are surprisingly few that are available in other than oral form. There is now substantial evidence that intravenous administration is well tolerated and may accelerate onset of therapeutic effect. With the possibility of transdermal delivery3/4a noninvasive and painless route of administration requiring no technical support3/4parenteral antidepressants may become more acceptable in this country and warrant further clinical investigation.