Author | Jerald Kay, MD


The Best and Not So Great Articles of 2017

December 21, 2017


Here's a hit list of publications devoted to psychotherapy topics; to issues in genomic medicine; the impact of technology, and burnout on the practice of medicine; and to more traditional clinical articles addressing diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Mini Quiz: Social Phobias

December 13, 2016


When treating social phobias, the addition of D-cycloserine has been noted to enhance the response to behavior therapy. How does D-cycloserine promote fear extinction?

Introduction: A Demographic With a Challenging Set of Problems

December 30, 2015


The challenges in providing mental health care to the college community are significant. Here's a brief look at the issues.

The Neurobiology of Psychotherapy

October 22, 2015


An update on what happens in the brain when the mind is engaged in psychotherapy.

The Crisis in College and University Mental Health

October 10, 2009


In the past few years, college mental health issues have received increasing attention by the mental health community, the public, administrators, and legislators. Events such as the death of MIT student Elizabeth Shin and the subsequent legal battle, and the series of suicides at NYU a few years ago received prominent media coverage.