Jerome Kroll, MD



Psychiatric Issues in the Somali Refugee Population

September 04, 2013

This article highlights several features of medical and social importance that are somewhat unique to the Somali refugee community in the US.

No-Suicide Contracts as a Suicide Prevention Strategy

July 01, 2007

The role of no-suicide contracts is but a small tactical piece of the larger strategic approach to the assessment and prevention of suicide. Its many obvious limitations-to some degree in assessment, but primarily in suicide prevention-should have driven serious discussion of no-suicide contracts out of consideration as a practical measure in clinical practice and a legal talking point in the courtroom.

A Diverse Refugee Population Requires Complex Solutions

October 01, 2003

The chief psychiatrist of the Community-University Health Care Clinic in Minneapolis reflects on what he's learned caring for refugees from Southeast Asia and Somalia. His experiences can educate others caring for immigrants and refugees.