Author | Joan M. Cook, PhD


5 Male Rape Myths: A Phenomenon Whose Time Has Come

April 13, 2020


Here are 5 rape myths perpetuated in our culture, in law enforcement and the military, and in medicine and mental health.

The Other #MeToo: Male Sexual Abuse Survivors

April 08, 2020


Clinicians work with more male sexual abuse survivors than they may think.

When Boys and Men Are Raped: Clinical Insights

January 20, 2020


According to male rape myths, boys and men cannot be sexually abused. The truth is, the figure is staggering. Yale Psychiatry’s Joan Cook, PhD, offers new insights working with this population.

Male Sexual Assault: Hidden Trauma

December 17, 2019


Men face many obstacles in disclosing sexual abuse and assault histories to their clinicians and the public at large. More in this video.

Mini Quiz: Older Adults and PTSD

May 31, 2019


How do older adults fare in coping with traumatic events and related psychiatric symptoms compared with younger individuals? Take the quiz and learn more.

PTSD in Late Life

August 30, 2018


Trauma may be a hidden variable in the lives of older adults, impacting them in ways they may not recognize or be willing to admit.