Joshua Grossman, MD


Detox Diagnosis--Keeping Medicine in Psychiatry

January 01, 2002

The following are case studies discussing the impact of proper evaluation of comorbid psychiatric illness and medical disorders. To read more case studies and find out how to effectively recognize and treat patients with these disorders, please see the January 2002 issue of Psychiatric Times.

Detox Diagnostics -- Keeping Medicine in Psychiatry

January 01, 2002

What happens when a chemically dependent patient is in urgent need of timely medical and/or surgical interventions? According to one psychiatrist, logic and humility are two core principles essential to providing these patients with the care they deserve.

Disulfiram -- One Tool of Recovery

August 01, 2001

When treating alcohol-dependent patients, clinicians may be well advised to integrate disulfiram into the treatment plan. Who are good candidates, and who are not? How can you enlist the aid of family members and friends to ensure compliance?