Author | Kenneth Duckworth, MD


Awakenings with the New Antipsychotics

May 01, 1998


The explosion of neuroscience developments in this "Decade of the Brain" now provides people with schizophrenia a new generation of antipsychotic therapies. For many, these medications (e.g., clozapine [Clozaril], olanzapine [Zyprexa], risperidone [Risperdal], and quetiapine [Seroquel]) produce an improvement over their "old" antipsychotics in terms of side effects and, for some, clinical response. For a select few, however, these medications can produce dramatic improvement, akin to what Sacks (1990) termed an "awakening." These medications create exciting opportunities to use psychotherapy, group work and rehabilitation with a population historically relegated to back wards or triaged to "case management."