Author | Mark L. Fuerst


Brain Health in Aging Adults

August 04, 2019


Three studies highlight sedentary behavior and memory, cognitive decline in psychosis, and risk of dementia with anticholinergic drugs.

Advances in Predicting Tardive Dyskinesia

April 17, 2019


A prediction model may help identify treatment characteristics associated with TD among patients with psychiatric disorders taking antipsychotic medications.

Geriatric Psychiatry Research Update: December 2018

December 07, 2018


Three news studies show how eating habits and other lifestyle factors affect cognition and brain imaging may be useful in predicting dementia.

Psychocardiology in Older Adults

November 08, 2018


Three new studies shed light on the role of cardiac health in developing Alzheimer disease, depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Three New Studies in Major Depression

October 23, 2018


Results from these studies yield important clinical implications to improve treatment and prognosis for patients with major depression.

3 New Studies About Depression and Lifestyle

October 18, 2018


Three new studies highlight the link between depression and opioid overdoses; “early birds” are less prone to depression; and consuming fish may reduce the risk of depression.

3 Must-Read Stories in Geriatric Psychiatry

October 16, 2018


A research roundup about long-term prescribing guidelines, “psychogenic death,” and implications for patients with depression and pain.

Depression Research: Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Omega-3 Supplementation, Adolescent Psychiatry

September 18, 2018


New studies in major depression find VNS improves the quality of life of patients with treatment-resistant depression and two other findings.

At the Heart of Depression: 3 New Studies

August 16, 2018


New research brings us closer to learning about the associations between psychological states, quality of life, and cardiovascular health.

3 New Studies on Dementia

August 10, 2018


New data indicate that dementia is largely undiagnosed or unrecognized; exposure to general anesthesia and surgery can lead to a subtle decline in memory and thinking skills in older adults; and sarcopenic obesity in older adults may predict dementia.