Author | Nicholas Pediaditakis, MD


The Dog That Did Not Bark

January 25, 2019

Some thoughts on the pathogenesis and persistence of prevalence of schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder in view of current discoveries.

The Association Between Major Mental Disorders and Geniuses

September 25, 2014

Genius and madness: does one phenomenon cause the other-or do both share a common underlying factor or mechanism? How are geniuses able to accomplish “creative fits”? The author explores both questions.

Igor, My Two-Year-Old Grandson, Takes Me for a Weekend at the Beach

June 23, 2014

First published in August 1992 in Psychiatric Times, this psychiatrist joyfully recounts a memorable outing with his grandson.

Igor Is Now Grown Up

June 23, 2014

22 Years after he wrote of a memorable beach outing with Igor, his toddler grandson, this psychiatrist looks back on their joint adventure through a life "full of adventures, full of wonders!"