Author | Stephen B. Levine, MD


Illuminate Life Processes by Taking a Sexual History

December 31, 2019

Sexual life is not just about sexual identity and sexual behavior. 

8 Core Components of Psychotherapy

July 24, 2019

These simple tips may help take the mystery out of the process of psychotherapy and put us in a better position to understand our patients-and ourselves.

Sexual Dysfunction: The Role of Clinical Psychiatry

March 20, 2017

Although many mysteries of sexual pathophysiology await illumination, patients may expect mental health professionals to provide guidance about their persistent sexual disappointments. Insights here.

Does Flibanserin Have a Future?

January 01, 2016

Before flibanserin, there were no FDA-approved treatments for hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The authors clarify the intricacies of an HSDD diagnosis and discuss implications for treatment.

On the Essence of Psychotherapy

August 02, 2012

Psychotherapy is a rubric--an umbrella under which a vast array of differing interventions exist. Its diverse forms are supported by different ideologies and vocabularies.

Video: Sexual Desire and Its Deficiencies

November 22, 2011

Diminishing libido is a symptom of depression, but antidepressants do not always restore sexual interest. Loss of desire may be the cause of depression, not its consequence. Dr Levine explains the nature of sexual desire and its relationship to arousal including the various biogenic, psychogenic, interpersonal, and cultural factors that contribute to problems associated with sexual desire.

Psychiatrists and Clinical Sexuality

August 01, 2007

Any sexual behavior--normal or abnormal, masturbatory or partnered--ultimately rests on biological elements, psychological elements, interpersonal elements, and cultural concepts of normality and morality.