Author | Steve Koh, MD, MPH, MBA


Introduction: The Scope of Psychiatry

June 29, 2018

Here's where psychiatry extends beyond a medical setting into collaborative, innovative, and integrated models of care..

5 Special Populations in Psychiatry

July 08, 2016

The need for more mental health providers has galvanized our interest in special populations, each of which requires a vision and framework for establishing assessment and treatment as a standard of care.

Introduction: Unique Needs and Innovative Opportunities

June 29, 2016

Children in foster care; combat vets; physicians with mental health needs: Dr Koh introduces a series of articles on these and other special patient populations.

How Clinicians Actually Use the DSM: Psychiatric Times Survey Results

May 21, 2015

Given that one of the primary goals of making DSM revisions is to improve its clinical utility, establishing a baseline of current usage is critical to inform future proposals. For this and other reasons, the authors provide preliminary results from research focused on determining clinicians’ actual use of DSM.