Tina Beychok




News Brief: ICU Staff May Suffer From Psychiatric Difficulties

May 01, 2006

Caregivers in high-pressure medical settings, such as intenstive care units (ICUs), can suffer from high levels of stress, resulting in emotional exhaustion, diminished empathy for patients, and decreased productivity.

Australian Survey Finds Misconceptions About Depression

April 15, 2004

A recent survey of 1,200 Australians found that many respondents did not understand how best to help people with depression.

Lamotrigine May Prevent Depressive Relapse in Bipolar Disorder

April 01, 2004

Research presented at an international meeting in Australia found that lamotrigine may be beneficial against depressive relapse for patients either currently or recently in a manic phase.

Cautious Wake-Up Call for Bioterrorism

November 01, 2001

Given the recent anthrax scares, it is important for psychiatrists to be on the alert. However, this should be balanced with the realization that life must continue as normal as possible.

Book Review Editor Retires

May 01, 2001

Dr. Usdin steps down from his role of Psychiatric Times' book review editor after 11 years of service.