William N. Goldstein, MD


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Dynamically Based Psychotherapy: A Contemporary Overview

July 01, 1999

This article addresses several important theoretical issues related to dynamically oriented psychotherapy. These issues include the therapeutic alliance and transference, the authority of the therapist and neutrality, the stability of the therapeutic environment, countertransference, empathy, and basic strategy. Efforts are made to present these issues in a contemporary context.

Practical Questions Beginning Psychotherapy

April 01, 1999

This article addresses several practical issues related to beginning psychotherapy: telephone contact, the initial session, referral to another therapist, discussion of arrangements, charging for missed sessions, guidelines for the patient and interactions outside the therapy hours. It takes a question-and-answer form, dealing with with questions a neophyte psychotherapist might ask. Although the article specifically relates to treatment that is dynamically oriented, it is also relevant to other forms of psychotherapy.

Analytic vs. Dynamic Psychotherapy in the Era of Managed Care

November 01, 1998

The dynamically informed psychotherapies can be thought to occur on a continuum, with the most insight-oriented and exploratory types at one end and the most supportive types at the other. Psychoanalysis proper stands at the end of this continuum, followed by analytically oriented psychotherapy, then dynamically oriented psychotherapy. Within this classification, analytical oriented psychotherapy and dynamic oriented psychotherapy are two quite distinct, yet related, forms of therapy.