Author | Yelizaveta Sher, MD


Transplant Psychiatry: Psychiatric Care of Organ Donors and Recipients

October 25, 2016


The authors focus on the psychiatric management of transplant recipients and the evaluation and care of living organ donors.

Transplant Psychiatry: An Introduction, Part 1

September 28, 2016


Psychiatrists are playing an ever-increasing role in the evaluation and care of organ transplant candidates and living organ donors-before and after transplant.

Neuropsychiatric Masquerades: Diagnosis and Treatment

February 19, 2016


A focus on the differential of CNS disorders that present with neuropsychiatric symptoms, their presentations, and guidelines for treatment.

Ethical Issues: The Patient’s Capacity to Make Medical Decisions

November 28, 2014


This article provides a practical framework that can guide consultation-liaison psychiatrists through solving problems of capacity and informed consent.