Psychoanalysis and the Re-Enchantment of Psychiatry: Jonathan Shedler, PhD

July 29, 2020

In this interview, Dr Aftab and Dr Shedler discuss the relationship between the psychoanalytic worldview and the medical model, and they reexamine the role of psychodynamic psychotherapy in contemporary psychiatry and psychology.

The Many Histories of Biological Psychiatry: Anne Harrington, DPhil

July 20, 2020

An interview with Dr Anne Harrington, who offers a stimulating and thought-provoking historical perspective on the evolution of biological psychiatry from the German histopathologists to the present time in her recent book.

The Battle for the Soul of Psychiatry: Ronald W. Pies, MD

June 24, 2020

In this interview, Dr Aftab and Dr Pies revisit several debates concerning various criticisms of psychiatry that Dr Pies has been involved in over the course of his career, and they discuss how to make sense of the profession’s relationship with its critics. 

Psychiatry and the Human Condition: Joanna Moncrieff, MD

April 10, 2020

Dr Moncrieff’s ideas represent in many ways the enduring legacy of Thomas Szasz. In this probing interview with Dr Aftab, she challenges the medical view of mental disorders and argues that biological and behavioral conditions have a different relationship to agency.

Chaos Theory With a Human Face: Niall McLaren, MBBS, FRANZCP

March 31, 2020

"There is a great deal that ails psychiatry-over-diagnosis, overtreatment, misallocation of resources, consistent breaches of patients’ fundamental human rights, and so forth," says Dr McLaren in this interview.

The Impoverishment of Psychiatric Knowledge

March 30, 2020

Dr Giovanni Fava shares his perspective on the current intellectual crisis in psychiatry and how it stems from a narrow concept of science which neglects clinical practice as a source of fundamental research questions.