BIPOC MD/DO Investment


A psychiatrist reflects on the past, present, and future for BIPOC MDs and DOs.

Struggle for BIPOC MD/DO  Investment



BIPOC yearn for a seat at the ivory institution’s table.

Visibility goes beyond the new medical sitcom on cable.

BIPOC ask when will you see and believe us?

The shortened lifespan of our communities is wailing for a seat on the equitable bus.

BIPOC desire to quell the fears of chronic debilitating mistrust.

The dynamic duo of mentorship and sponsorship is a must.

BIPOC kneel to pay homage to their fallen warriors.

Tales of resiliency and perseverance are transmitted by faithful allied couriers.

BIPOC visualize the bricks and mortar needed to aid the future MD/DO herds.

Time, devotion, and currency are ingredients needed to promote the next generation of academic nerds.

Dr Clark is an outpatient psychiatrist at Prisma Health-Upstate and clinical associate professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville. He served on the American Psychiatric Association’s Task Force to Address Structural Racism Throughout Psychiatry, and he currently serves as the Diversity and Inclusion section editor and advisory board member for Psychiatric TimesTM.

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