Psychiatric Times Honors Black History Month


During the month of February, we will publish important stories commemorating Black History Month.

Our series features new insights on mentorship, antiracist habits for 2021, why Black History Month is important to psychiatry, prominent Black physicians who paved the way, strategies to eradicate structural racism in training, and Civil War systemic racism. Stand by during the month for links to the collection!

Series editor, Frank Clark, MD: Mentorship: Salute to a Windy City Educator

Balkozar Adam, MD, Rameshwari V. Tumuluru, MD, and Sarah H. Arshad, MD: Why Psychiatry Training Must Include Discussions on Structural Racism

Rakin Hoq, MD , and Balkozar S. Adam, MD: Black Americans’ Distrust of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Rahn Bailey, MD, and Amit Grover, MBBS: Why Is Black History Month Important to Psychiatry?

Jessica Isom, MD, MPH: 10 Antiracist Habits for Psychiatrists

Jonathan S. Jones, PhD: Race and Opioids: Lessons From the Civil War-Era Opioid Addiction Crisis

H. Steven Moffic, MD, and Rahn Bailey, MD: If I Had a Hammer: Advancing the Conversation in Psychiatry and Racism

H. Steven Moffic, MD: Purcell Pearson: A Young Black Man Who Dreamt of Becoming a Psychiatrist

Leah Kuntz: 7 Black Physicians That Made History in the Mental Health Field

John J. Miller, MD: A Tribute to Black History Month

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