Black Weariness


"I shall forget civilization, I shall forget color, caste, I shall move in a fantastic world of raceless men and women..."

Any Good Poem

Richard Berlin, MD, shares the poem, "Black Weariness," by Frank Marshall Davis, who was an African American poet, journalist, and civil rights activist. He became a prominent figure in the Chicago literary scene during the mid-20th century. Davis was known for his poetry, which often delved into themes of social justice, racial equality, and the experiences of African Americans. He was also a mentor to the young Barack Obama when Obama was growing up in Hawaii.

Dr Berlin has been writing a poem about his experience of being a doctor every month for the past 26 years in Psychiatric Times in a column called “Poetry of the Times.” He is instructor in psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts. His latest book is Freud on My Couch.

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