Research and Opportunities at the 2024 ASCP Annual Meeting


Erin Crown, MHS, PA-C, shares her thoughts on ASCP, the annual meeting, and more.


In this Mental Health Minute, Erin Crown, MHS, PA-C, joins Psychiatric Times® live from the 2024 American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (ASCP) Annual Meeting and shares her thoughts on ASCP, the meeting, and an upcoming panel presentation she is excited to attend. The full transcript is below.

Hi, my name is Erin Crown. I am a psychiatric physician assistant from State College, Pennsylvania. I do outpatient medication management, but I am also the owner of Future Options Research, and have recently become a primary investigator in clinical trials.

As a primary investigator, I think that it is really important for me to come to ASCP for networking opportunities and to really get a firsthand look at the topics that we are talking about in research right now, and to just kind of get my sea legs under me as I grow this next portion of my career.

There is a session that is going to be happening about pseudospecific vs transdiagnostic symptom targeting in pharmacotherapy that I am very interested in. I know Drs Goldberg and McIntyre will both be presenting in that session, and I am very excited to hear what they have to teach me.

I just think ASCP is a really intimate and nice conference. It is smaller than many other conferences that I have been to for other kinds of reasons, and so it has been a nice change of pace and a great learning environment. I am really excited to finish out the rest of the week and see what all there is to offer.

Ms Crown is a psychiatric physician assistant at State College, Pennsylvania, and owner of Future Options Research.

Note: The panel presentation referenced in this video is “Pseudospecific Versus Transdiagnostic Symptom Targeting in Pharmacotherapy Trials: Agitation, Attention, Anhedonia, and Mood Instability,” which takes place Thursday, May 30, at 2:15 PM EST. See a preview of the presentation by panel chair and co-presenter Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, here.

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