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Healthcare Reform Influencing Physicians'Career ChoicesWith healthcare's business landscape shifting fast, doctors are gambling on new career strategies. But where are they placing their chips? Find out with our exclusive 2012 Great American Physician survey results.

View results from the 2012 Great American Physician Survey in our slideshow.EHR Incentive Program: A Progress ReportThe government doesn't mind evaluating you through its EHR incentive plan. But as it moves past the two-year mark, it's time for us to evaluate the program's progress in getting physicians like you to adopt and use (meaningfully, of course) technology.

Consult and Follow-Up; New vs. Established Patient VisitsCoding questions? We've got the answers.

Patient Compliance: Technology Tools for PhysiciansGetting patients to follow your guidance is a lot easier with today's technology. Here's a rundown on the tools that work, and how to work 'em.
Keeping Medical Practice Staff on TaskDay-to-day operations at your practice can easily get derailed. Here's how to keep staff on track despite possible disruptions.

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