Special Report Countdown: Comorbidities


Patients with psychiatric disorders, particularly schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa, and substance use disorders, have reduced life expectancies compared with the general population. This and other facts emphasize the need for the latest clinical information, highlighted in this countdown.

Psychiatric Times' Special Report on comorbidities compiles the the latest clinical information by experts in the field. Each slide links to respective articles in this series.The Connection Between Medical Illness and Psychiatric DisordersDepression and Diabetes: Improving Outcomes Through Collaborative CarePsychiatric Care of Patients With Hepatitis C: A Clinical UpdateTreating Psychiatric Patients With Psoriasis: Clinical ConsiderationsBonus readingIntellectual Disability and Psychiatric Comorbidity: Challenges and Clinical IssuesTreating Comorbid Anxiety Disorders in Patients With Schizophrenia: A New PathwayTo view in PDF format, click here.


1. Gleason OC. The Connection Between Medical Illness and Psychiatric Disorders. Psychiatric Times. 2015;32(5):21.

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