Suicide Risk Assessment


In the first in a series of brief podcasts, Dr. Phillip Resnick answers questions often asked about assessing risk for suicide and violence.

It has been written that patient suicide is an occupational hazard for psychiatrists. A clinical axiom holds that there are 2 kinds of psychiatrists: those who have had patients commit suicide-and those who will. Here, forensic psychiatrist and Psychiatric Times editorial board member, Professor Phillip Resnick answers these and other questions about risk assessment of suicide.

o Since suicide is almost impossible to predict, why is it that a psychiatrist could be held liable for a bad outcome?

o Have any suicide assessment forms been validated in the prediction of suicide risk?

o Is it risky for a psychiatrist to accept a patient's denial of suicidal ideas at face value? 

Dr Resnick discusses suicide risk assessment

 For Part 2 of this series, please go to Assessing the Risk of Violence: Ask the Professor.

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