Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear


"Spray the perfume of your smiles on the incision. Inject the song of life into my veins to wake me up. Gently beat the drum so my mind may dance with yours, my doctor, day and night."

Any Good Poem

Richard Berlin shares the poems "God has pity on kindergarten children” by Yehuda Amichai, and "Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear" by Mosab Abu Toha.

Dr Berlin would like to thank:

-The Psychiatric Times Founder, John Schwartz, MD, and Managing Editor Christine Potvin for opening the pages of Psychiatric Times to his poems in 1997

-Psychiatric Times Editor-in-Chief, John Miller, MD

-Editorial director, Heidi Anne Duerr, MPH

-Editor Leah Kuntz

-Mike Hennessy Jr. and the corporate, administrative, and production staff of MJH Life Sciences

Edgar and Jiji

Edgar and Jiji

-His biggest feline fans, Leah Kuntz's cats Edgar and Jiji

Dr Berlin has been writing a poem about his experience of being a doctor every month for the past 25 years in Psychiatric Times in a column called “Poetry of the Times.” He is instructor in psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts. His latest book is Freud on My Couch.

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