Author | American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry


Coaching Families to Address Addiction

February 21, 2019


"He'll just have to hit bottom." That bit of outdated advice can be terrifying. How do clinicians trying to help the person with an addiction who refuses to set foot in our office render assistance?

Emerging Treatments and Pharmacogenetics for Cocaine Use Disorder

May 31, 2016


There are no FDA-approved pharmacotherapies for cocaine use disorder. Here: a review of the off-label use of promising medications for this addiction.

Addiction Psychiatry: Laws, Guidelines, and Suggestions

April 27, 2016


Clinical traditions are important, but they can become ossified as the “right way to treat addiction.” So, we need to turn a sharp, skeptical eye on treatment models.

Medication-Assisted Treatment and Drug Courts

November 27, 2015


Addiction and mental health treatment has fallen increasingly into the justice system for underserved and indigent patients. How do we bring state-of-the art treatment to this population in desperate need?