Author | Jacob L. Freedman, MD


Hendrix Revisited: Joe’s Final Psychotherapy Session

February 09, 2017

After a code gray, it was clear to me that no matter one’s training, only such fundamental moments can enable one to answer affirmatively when asked, "Are you experienced?"

Embracing Technology: Do It for Your Patients!

September 16, 2016

"Adopting technology for myself is one thing. It’s something completely different when technology is available for my patients and I’m not using it."

Extracurricular Activities for Early-Career Psychiatrists

April 30, 2016

With the standard aversion to moonlighting in the emergency department at the local hospital, lots of us have asked the same question: “What else can I do to pay the bills?”

My Recent Promotion

May 08, 2014

Sometimes when you complain for long enough about the disastrous nature of something, you end up being nominated to fix it.

From Boxes to Baskets

February 12, 2013

Refractory psychiatric illnesses are no different from complicated infectious diseases in that they both require multiple concurrent medications and treatment modalities.

A Caddy’s Quandary

February 08, 2012

During my career-initially as a caddy and now as a psychiatry resident-I’ve had the immense privilege of listening to the stories of others. Here's one of those stories.

The Next Dr Waldenstrom?

January 21, 2012

As I near the 1-year anniversary of my crowning as a World’s Expert, it seems like only yesterday that I was just an average citizen . . . I am at heart a clinician and a consummate clinician is what I aim to be.

A Pine Tar Affair

October 20, 2011

My introduction to the works of Dr Z followed shortly AFTER my own humiliation. My patient had just stormed out of the interview and informed me that I would never pass the medical boards with my apparently egregious neglect of her needs. My supervisor gave me a smile and said, “You might have done better if you approached the patient like Dr Z suggests.