James Phillips, MD



DSM-5 Field Trials: What Was Learned

January 09, 2013

With DSM-5 now approved, all discussion has been removed from the DSM-5 Web site. According to the APA, the DSM-5 leadership moved to dimensional measures as one solution to the validity problem.

Gender Identity Disorder in Prison: Depending on a Diagnosis That Is Soon to Disappear?

September 28, 2012

A recent case has caused a flurry of opposing opinions. Not surprisingly, transgender advocacy groups have praised the judge's decision that the inmate in question has an eighth amendment right requiring the state to support and pay for sex reassignment surgery.

DSM-5 in the Homestretch-1. Integrating the Coding Systems

March 08, 2012

With DSM-5 scheduled for publication a little more than a year from now, we may safely assume that, barring unannounced surprises from, say, the APA Scientific Review Committee, what we will see on the DSM-5 Web site is what we will get. With that in mind it’s time to review what we will indeed get.