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Shooting for What I Want, Part 2

October 01, 2007

How time flies! It has been more than a year since my last column, when I staked my claim in psychiatry. I planned to eschew the medical rat race and find my own little piece of medicine as it used to be, when doctors were doctors, nurses were nurses, and insurance salespeople were . . . salespeople. Should one read anything into the long delay between that column and this one? Absolutely! But I'll get to that.

Shooting For What I Want

November 01, 2006

I'm starting out. For 3 years in my Resident's Column, I've shared the excitement, frustration, and even outright anger that I experienced as a second-career psychiatry resident. Because I had completed a different residency years earlier, I was in the position to step back a bit and observe my experiences in a way that would have been impossible the first time around.

RVUs-Whose Value Is It, Anyway?

April 01, 2006

There is no shortage of evidence for the notion that society places a low value on the treatment of mental illness. Have psychiatrists bought into the attitude that mental health is less valuable than physical health?