Author | Mary V. Seeman, MDCM, DSc


When Eating Disorders and Psychosis Co-Exist: 6 Take Home Points

October 23, 2019


The body image disturbance at the heart of anorexia nervosa is a false perception akin to the perceptual disorders found in schizophrenia.

Celebrity Suicide

October 02, 2019


Durkheim believed it was useless to prohibit newspapers from publishing stories of the ultimate act of self-harm. But he was wrong.

Mini Quiz: Antipsychotics in Women

January 02, 2019


In some cases, treatment with antipsychotics can pose risks in women. Take the quiz and learn more.

Clinical Implications of Gender Differences in Schizophrenia

November 30, 2018


A deep dive into how schizophrenia affects men versus women.

Travel Destination Syndromes and Schizophrenia

November 28, 2018


Consider these travel tips to help alleviate your patients’ fears that, if left unchecked, can trigger full-blown psychosis.

Travel With Serious Mental Illness

August 23, 2016


What should you do when patients with preexisting psychosis express an interest in lengthy travel?

Eating Disorders and Psychosis

April 29, 2016


What is the clinical response to the occasional presence of psychotic symptoms among patients with eating disorders?

How Gender Plays a Role in Disease Expression

September 06, 2012


Being male, female, or transgender exerts effects not only on anatomy and reproductive behaviors but also on immune mechanisms, pain perception, diet, occupation, social behaviors, and risk exposures.