Robert L. Spitzer, MD




Response to: “Psychiatric Symptoms Can be Understood Even When These Symptoms Cannot Be Explained”

July 16, 2010

Dr Muller, in his piece “Psychiatric Symptoms Can be Understood Even When These Symptoms Cannot Be Explained,” makes a number of assertions about DSM-III and its successors that reflect a mischaracterization of its “descriptive approach.”

APA and DSM-V: Empty Promises

July 02, 2009

The debate over DSM-V has unfortunately taken an ugly turn with the APA leadership suggesting that Dr. Frances’s and my motivation for critiquing DSM-V is financial.

DSM-V Transparency: Fact or Rhetoric?

March 07, 2009

In their response to the commentary by Drs Lisa Cosgrove and Harold Bursztajn in the January 2009 issue of Psychiatric Times (“Toward Credible Conflict of Interest Policies in Clinical Psychiatry,” page 40), David Kupfer and Darrel Regier, the chair and vice-chair, respectively, of the DSM-V Task Force, invite readers to “monitor the most inclusive and transparent developmental process in the 60-year history of DSM at our Web site.”

The DSM: Not Perfect, but Better Than the Alternative

April 01, 2003

The DSM may be flawed, but it is the best available system for organizing and diagnosing mental disorders, and it remains a model for other medical specialties.