Stephen V. Faraone, MD, PhD


Crime and Therapy: Good News About Pharmacotherapy for ADHD

July 16, 2013

Some criminal activity can be eliminated by pharmacotherapy for ADHD. Should this information influence clinical practice? The short answer is an un­equivocal “yes.”

The Molecular Genetics of ADHD: A View From the IMAGE Project

August 01, 2005

New research into the genetic basis and possible genetic markers for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder may open the door for new treatments. There is a clear concordance between twins who have ADHD, as well as siblings. What can genetic mapping tell us about treating ADHD?

Clinical Uses and Ethical Implications of Psychiatric Genetic Counseling

October 01, 2001

The Human Genome project has provided an abundance of genetic information, including identification of many disease-causing genes. Clinical applications, genetic counseling and the potential ethical issues raised by the availability of genetic testing are all areas of concern in gene research. Will genetic counseling in classical genetic diseases help to provide guidelines for behavioral disorders?