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Referral Strategies for Patients With Co-Occurring Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders

December 23, 2013

This article provides an overview of research concerning referral strategies for patients with substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders in the emergency department.

Psychiatry 2013 and DSM-5

December 19, 2013

Here: a succinct review of some of the potential promises and pitfalls of DSM-5.

Schizophrenia, Neurocognitive Dysfunction, and Substance-Related Disorders: A Review

October 15, 2013

The authors evaluate the effects of nicotine and cannabis on neurocognitive function in individuals with schizophrenia and review potential pharmacological treatment strategies.

Understanding the Neurobiological Basis of Drug Abuse: Comorbidity in Schizophrenia

February 13, 2013

It is clear that the prognosis for schizophrenia is much better when patients achieve drug abstinence, including in the domains of depression, quality of life, and community integration.