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Part I - ASAP Annual Business Meeting on May 1, 2024, 7-8:15PM ET Virtual

  • Presidential Addresses
  • Financial and Membership Updates
  • Election Certification and installation of new officers
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Virtual Poster Sessions
  • Best Resident Paper Presentation.

Please join the ASAP Board to hear from our outgoing and incoming Presidents, install new leadership team, certify our 2024 election, recognize our members receiving awards, view resident poster sessions, and hear our 2024 resident paper award presentation! Guests are welcome! There is no charge, but registration is requested :

This is not a CME event.

February 2024 Newsletter

The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of mental health disorders of adolescents and young adults and to the provision of optimal health care of patients. To achieve these goals, ASAP provides continuing medical education (CME) program for physicians, primarily psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals. CME programs must meet the standards of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, improve the ability of psychiatrists and other physicians to recognize, diagnose and manage psychiatric conditions in adolescents and young adults, and disseminate new scientific knowledge and innovative clinical techniques and programs. Types of CME offerings are plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, panels, case conferences, demonstrations and questions and answers


a. To provide a national forum for the enhancement and dissemination of the knowledge and skills of physicians and mental health professionals, through local, regional, and national educational and scientific programs;

b. To support the publication of clinical and scientific materials related to adolescent mental health and adolescent psychiatry; and psychiatric issues of adolescents and emerging adults;

c. To initiate efforts and to cooperate with other organizations concerning the mental health on behalf of adolescents’ and emerging adults’ mental health.

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