Introducing the First FDA-authorized Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Chronic Insomnia


A new treatment has been found effective for treating a common sleep disorder.

Over 30 million Americans live with diagnosable chronic insomnia. It can impair their everyday functions when awake and affect their mood. Chronic insomnia is also a risk factor for other chronic illnesses and psychiatric disorders (up to 40% also have depressive symptoms).

Existing pharmacological treatments are designed for short-term use, which may not be enough to combat a long-term illness. In this Mental Health Minute, Yuri Maricich, MD introduces Somryst, the first FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutic (PDT) for treating chronic insomnia. It is a 9-week program that is accessible through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. He discusses two studies on the effectiveness of this new PDT.

(Note: in the video, Dr Maricich says that the FDA authorized Somryst in 2023. The FDA authorized it in 2020.)

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